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We are excited to offer new, hands-on programs virtually!

This school year is bringing a new set of challenges and DuPage Children’s Museum is here to help navigate the complexities. We’ve developed a variety of STEM Labs to spark curiosity and promote critical thinking through hands-on discovery – providing academic enrichment for virtual learning that is fun for students and easy for teachers.


Each 45-minute lab, suitable for students in grades 1–4, is led by an experienced DCM educator, and doesn’t require additional facilitation. Students are empowered to be the primary drivers of their own learning – by building, making, engineering, and experimenting their way through engaging STEM challenges.


Our NGSS-aligned (Next Generation Science Standards) Labs motivate young learners to make big discoveries about Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Art!



Scroll down to explore the six STEM with DCM Labs.

Build A Bridge

Design, build, and test the strength of your own structure! This two-session long lab encourages young engineers to tackle practical problems with imaginative solutions, creating fantastically functional bridges.

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Wings & Things

Will it fall, float or fly? Explore the four forces of flight (thrust, lift, drag, and weight) and compare birds and planes to discover what makes a successful flying contraption.

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Sound All Around

If we could see sound, what would it look like? What are sound waves and where do they come from? Conduct hands-on experiments that resonate with these questions, make a sound sandwich, and play a song together to learn more about how sound behaves!

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Citizen Scientist

Nature is all around you! Explore your surroundings to discover the amazing organisms building their habitats alongside human-made environments.

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Shadow Science

Shine a light on your creative talents (literally) and trace the Earth’s movement via shadows. Engage in small and large-scale art+science activities that highlight the constant motion of our solar system and make the connection between light, movement, and shadows.

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Weather Station

Can we predict the weather? What’s the difference between weather and climate? Join the investigation and make your own rain gauge, wind vane, and weather observation chart to learn more about the atmosphere around you!

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