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Wild Wonders  | Saturday, April 27

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Create A Creature

Students will explore some of Earth’s most curious creatures and discover what features help them live and grow in their unique environment. They will use observations of animals to create a creature that is able to live in a specific and perhaps unusual habitat like a deep ice cave, outer space, or even the classroom!


Student Challenge:

Make observations of animals by engaging with media and hands-on specimens, including replica skulls and animal coverings. Use those observations to create a creature from various art materials that reflects their organism’s ability to survive in its habitat.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Make observations of animals’ external features to describe patterns in how animals use their features to survive.
  • Develop a model of a creature that uses their external features to eat, move, and protect themselves in their habitat.


NGSS Connections:

Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI) – LS1: From Molecules to Organisms: Structure and Processes / ESS3: Earth and Human Activity

Science & Engineering Practices (SEP) – Analyzing and Interpreting Data / Developing and Using Models

Crosscutting Concepts (CCC) – Patterns / Structure & Function


Cross-Curricular Connections:

  • Common Core ELA – RI.10: Read appropriately complex informational texts
  • Social Science – SS.G.1: Construct and interpret maps
  • Social Emotional Learning – 2A: Recognize the feelings and perspectives of others / 2C: Use communication and social skills to interact effectively with others



DCM Educators will bring out an Animal Observation Kit, which contains various animal specimens for students to make hands-on observations. Additionally, each student will receive an individual Create a Creature kit.

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1 session, 60 minutes


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Cost per Classroom (up to 30 students)

  • At DCM* – $250
  • In Your Classroom – $350
    (additional cost for schools greater than 20 miles from DCM)

* Include a Field Trip with your Arts & STEM with DCM Lab!
  An additional $9.50 per student


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