Policies - DuPage Children's Museum


Museum Policies

Membership Policies

  • Photo identification is required to use your membership card.
  • Your membership’s free admission excludes scheduled group visits like field trips and parties.
  • Memberships are not refundable, transferable, or redeemable for cash due to their tax-deductible status.
  • Memberships are designed to be used by one family and may not be loaned or given to anyone else.
  • There is a $5 administrative fee for changes or to replace lost cards.
  • Memberships sold as part of a promotion may be subject to different tax-deductibility.
  • All Adults (ages 16+) must be accompanied by a child
  • No food permitted on the Museum floor


General Museum Policies

  • All Adults (ages 16+) must be accompanied by a child
  • No food permitted on the Museum floor


Party Policies

  • The use of latex balloons, confetti, silly string, glitter, sequins, or similar products is prohibited in the Museum.
  • Sternos and/or electronic heating devices are not permitted.
  • Popcorn is not permitted.
  • Alcohol is not permitted.
  • There is an adult to child ratio of 1:6 per visit.
  • $100 deposit required at the time of booking to hold your date and time.


Explorer Store Return Policies

  • Due to COVID-19 we are not accepting returns at this time.


Field Trip Policies

  • Free admission and discounts for members do not apply to group visits, including Field trips and Learning Labs. Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance of the visit and require a 20% deposit upon booking.
  • Field trips require a ratio of at least 1 chaperone to 6 children. In order to maintain a safe environment, we reserve the right to turn away groups that do not comply with the minimum 1:6 adult to child ratio.
  • Groups arriving without prior reservations will be charged General Admission prices.
  • Reservations require a $100 deposit upon booking