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Turn your Place into an Exhibit Space!

Anyone who misses DCM exhibits will be able to have similar experiences in their home. Our hands-on experiences inspire curiosity, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and so much more.


Need to take a series of Zoom calls while the kids are home? Exhibits-To-Go.

Hosting a birthday party with your pod? Exhibits-To-Go.

Running child care and can’t take a field trip to DCM? Exhibits-To-Go.


The Museum’s portable exhibits and unique open-ended learning outcomes can be delivered to your doorstep! 

Make room for some...

Big Fun!

Wind Tube

Learn about one of Mother Nature’s most interesting forces – wind! Children can experiment with and learn about the movement of air.

Ages 4+

1 Day: $50 Members/$75 Non-members

3 Days: $100 Members/$150 Non-members

7 Days: $175 Members/$225 Non-members


Life Size Kerplunk®

Everything is more fun when it’s big. The object of this game is to skillfully remove the rods from the basket while dropping the fewest balls possible… or make up your own game!

Ages 4+

1 Day: $50 Members/$75 Non-members

3 Days: $100 Members/$150 Non-members

7 Days: $175 Members/$225 Non-members


Pin Screens

It sure is fun to see your hand or even your foot in a pin screen. Did you know kids are actually learning about positive and negative space? Learning is everywhere!

All ages

1 Day: $60 Members/$90 Non-members

3 Days: $120 Members/$180 Non-members

7 Days: $210 Members/$270 Non-members


Giant Bricks

Put imagination in motion with this giant building set. With unlimited designs and endless play possibilities children can build, stack, and tear down for hours to come.

Ages 3+

1 Day: $60 Members/$90 Non-members

3 Days: $120 Members/$180 Non-members

7 Days: $210 Members/$270 Non-members



This large-scale building kit with a collection of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts, and rope allows children to follow their curiosity and creativity.

75 pieces | Ages 4+

1 Day: $80 Members/$120 Non-members

3 Days: $160 Members/$240 Non-members

7 Days: $280 Members/$360 Non-members


Giant Tinker Toys

Tinker Toys have entertained kids (and adults) for decades! This GIANT set can be used to create complex structures or simple forts. There’s no limit to imagination.

120 pieces | Ages 3+

1 Day: $100 Members/$150 Non-members

3 Days: $200 Members/$300 Non-members

7 Days: $350 Members/$450 Non-members


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So many pieces = So much fun

Play with More!

So Many Squigz

As seen in the Museum! Squigz encourage creativity, fine motor skills, interaction, and playful experimentation.

400+ pieces | All ages

1 Day: $50 Members/$75 Non-members

3 Days: $100 Members/$150 Non-members

7 Days: $175 Members/$225 Non-members


Magna-Tiles® with Light Box

As seen in the Museum! Imaginative play meets math and science with these magnetic building tiles.

170 pieces | All ages

1 Day: $50 Members/$75 Non-members

3 Days: $100 Members/$150 Non-members

7 Days: $175 Members/$225 Non-members


Amazing Magnets

Investigate the invisible force of magnetism. Play with the many magnets to experiment with how magnets work, learn about attract and repel, and have fun.

Ages 4+

1 Day: $50 Members/$75 Non-members

3 Days: $100 Members/$150 Non-members

7 Days: $175 Members/$225 Non-members


Ramps & Rollers

As seen in the Museum! Younger children can roll a ball down a ramp to explore gravity, movement, and cause and effect while older children use trial and error problem solving skills to create intricate tube systems for the balls to roll through.

1 Case | Ages 3+

1 Day: $80 Members/$120 Non-members

3 Days: $160 Members/$240 Non-members

7 Days: $280 Members/$360 Non-members


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Bring a Piece of the Museum to your Home!


1 Day Rentals:
10% off with rental of 3 or more items.

3 Day & 7 Day Rentals:
10% off with rental of 2 or more items.



Curbside Pick-Up or Delivery:

Doorstep Service*
(includes delivery to your home & pickup)
Fee: $45

or Pick-up and Drop-off at the Museum for Free

*Doorstep Service limited to 30-minute drive time.



Deposit Required:

A refundable security deposit of 50% of the sub-total cost will be required with each experience.

Cleaning Procedures:

DCM has strong established cleaning and sanitizing protocols. Given the concern around COVID-19, we have furthered our vigilance and expanded our cleaning and sanitizing while remaining apprised of new practices.



Have More Questions?

Email: Rentals@dupagechildrensmuseum.org 


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