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Ramps & Rollers | Grades: Preschool – 5
Create a hands-on physics laboratory in your classroom. Use our handcrafted wooden blocks with rollways, tunnels, and bridges to build simple or elaborate structures. Discover the concept of gravity, the properties of inclined planes, the resistance of friction, the application of simple machines to do work, and even the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy.

Simple Machines in Action | Grades: 3 – 5
Successor to Wheels, Levers & Pulleys Learning Lab
Take a deeper dive into simple machines with a quantitative approach! Your students will be collecting data as they experience a more in-depth study of friction, wheels, pulleys, gears, inclined planes, wedges, and levers.
With an Instruction Booklet and reproducible Data Sheets, students will “do the math” as they continue to discover how simple machines make work easier, faster, or both. Students will work in cooperative groups at hands-on stations to observe, measure, and record their observations of simple machines at work.

Note: The Wheels, Levers, and Pulleys Learning Lab must be completed prior to the use of this program.

Cost: $75/day | $300/school week (five days)
Delivery and Pick-up charge additional.

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