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At the Intersection of Fun & Learning

Play allows kids to make new discoveries, explore new spaces, share experiences, and see themselves and their world in new and exciting ways. For 30 years, DuPage Children’s Museum has been inspiring children and their adults with experiences that encourage curiosity, discovery, and collaboration. Please consider supporting the Museum.


“We had such a wonderful time today at the museum. The staff did such an excellent job with cleaning, the capacity was low, and our boys were thrilled to be back. Thank you for all you do!"

Carriann via Facebook

Play to Learn At Home

"Play really is the work of childhood."
– Mister Rogers

During play, children are testing out ideas, learning and practicing new skills, and building relationships. When children seek to answer their own questions through playful experimentation, they are using critical thinking skills, and they gain a sense of understanding that makes play the most powerful tool for learning. We've curated a variety of Museum tried-and-tested hands-on activities that can be done at home to promote learning while having fun together!

Let Your Child Lead the Way Through our Exhibit Neighborhoods


"Our grandsons could have spent half a day in the workshop and with the electronic boards. We loved watching them explore hands on… so important. The staff in the workshop was awesome. Very patient and did not talk down to our 6 and 8 year old."

Susan via Email

Schools & Scouts

Hands-On Learning

Schools and groups can explore a variety of Arts & STEM Labs to spark curiosity and promote critical thinking through hands-on discovery. Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts can explore a variety of activities that will allow them to play, learn, and earn badges.


Play to Learn – Explore activities to do together!

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