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Members-Only Night: Bubbles | Friday, June 7

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Basic physics concepts have never been so irresistible!

Roll, bounce, slide and spin objects to discover the energy of motion and find out what factors create change. Objects have predictable ways of behaving when they interact with other objects. It was Isaac Newton who discovered the basics, of course. But, in Make It Move, everyone can.

This Neighborhood can be a simple stepping stone to understanding and applying the scientific method. Children and their adult learning partners can make predictions about what might happen next, test, change the variables, and test again!

Each exhibit in Make it Move encourages discovery and cooperative play.

Skill Development

Make It Move Helps Develop Skills in:

  • Science and mathematics – classification, order, number, measurement, volume, area, weight, mass, gravity, size, and shape
  • Art – pattern, design, symmetry, and balance
  • Motor development – eye-hand coordination, large and small muscle coordination
  • Language – naming, planning, and communication
Hours of endless fun

This is a super great area to keep everyone busy for a long long time.

At Every Age and Every Stage, There's Always Something New to Learn

Younger Children:

Roll a ball down a ramp to explore gravity, movement, and cause and effect.

Older Children:

Use trial and error problem solving skills to create tube systems for the balls to roll through.