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OPEN 9–4 Memorial Day | Monday, May 27

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Splash Zone!
Kids will get wet in AWEsome Water

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Explore the forces that power our world: air, water, and electricity

The AWEsome Energy Neighborhood creates an immersive, interactive experience in three integrated sections: air, water, and electricity. AWEsome Energy allows children to better experience the “cause and effect” of their actions on energy sources, to change variables and see the impact, and to work collaboratively with family members and peers to experiment, explore problems, and create solutions. As children explore in this hands-on environment, they build creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills that will launch them into a bright future.

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“My children and I find ourselves in the Air, Water, and Electricity neighborhood not wanting to leave. It is a lot of fun and also educational."

Joan Smith, Downers Grove
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AWEsome Air

AWEsome Air

As you enter into AWEsome Air, you are immediately immersed into nature’s elemental forces. Feel the force of wind on your body, and don capes to “fly” in pretend play through the Wind Tunnel. Launch shuttles by jumping on ball poppers, creating compressed air at Stomp Launcher. Channel moving air by pedalling a bicycle or turning a hand-crank at the Power Tower to generate power. This exhibit demonstrates the concept that air can do work.

Air Exhibit
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AWEsome Water

Dive right in to experience the power and properties of water. Encounter flowing water, feel its spray droplets, and hear the bubbling of the lazy river at the Stream Table while you experiment with volume and how water makes things work. Create paths to move water through channels at the Magnetic Water Raceway. Generate energy with moving water at the big Waterwheel.

Don’t Forget the Bubbles!
Blowing bubbles takes on a whole new dimension in the Bubbles exhibit. Watch the beauty of bubbles as they rise, pop and flow in a variety of experiences. Even see what it’s like to be inside a giant bubble!

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Splash Zone!

Kids are going to get wet in the AWEsome Water exhibit. It’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes.

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AWEsome Electricity

Here you will experience power at your fingertips as electricity comes to life. Actively participate in how electricity is generated, transmitted, and stored. Create pathways for currents by building links between sources and destinations at Circuits and Conductors. Pedal a stationary bike as fast as you can to see how much energy it takes to power a tall tower of lights and motors, making the entire exhibit come alive at Pedal Power.

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