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Wild Wonders  | Saturday, April 27

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Art of Shapes

Students will become immersed in the beautiful and mathematical world of shapes by exploring an art gallery, completing various challenges with 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes, and creating their own artwork with various paper shapes.


Student Challenge:

Explore shapes found in nature and in the human-designed world, specifically in art. Through a series of explorations, make mathematical and artistic connections to how shapes can be used in telling stories, leading to creating personal shape artwork.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Make observations of the natural and human-designed world to determine patterns of where specific shapes are found or used. 
  • Obtain and communicate information about how shapes are used to express artistic ideas.


Art + Math Connections:

Fine Arts Standards – Visual Arts Anchor 1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work

Common Core Math Content – Geometry: Reason with shapes and their attributes

Common Core Math Practice – MP7: Look for and make use of structure


Cross-Curricular Connections:

  • NGSS – Science & Engineering Practices (SEP): Obtaining, Evaluating and Communicating Information; Crosscutting Concepts (CCC): Patterns 
  • Social Emotional Learning – 2A: Recognize the feelings and perspectives of others / 2C: Use communication and social skills to interact effectively with others



DCM Educators will bring out a Shape Art Gallery, featuring large-scale art pieces from a variety of diverse artists. Additionally, each student will receive materials to create their own shape artwork.

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1 session, 60 minutes


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Cost per Classroom (up to 30 students)

  • At DCM* – $250
  • In Your Classroom – $350
    (additional cost for schools greater than 20 miles from DCM)

* Include a Field Trip with your Arts & STEM with DCM Lab!
  An additional $9.50 per student


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