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Museum PopUps K–5

Add a “POP” of STEAM to a Family Night or a Community Event – Partner with DCM for a Museum PopUp experience! 


DCM’s Museum PopUp for school-aged children and families is the perfect way to bring hands-on STEAM learning to your school, library, or community center. And it’s so easy!


Each PopUp Bundle includes three learning experiences designed for grade K-5 students and families to learn and play together. DCM Educators will attend to support the setup and facilitation of the activities. DCM will provide all the materials for up to 100 people. 


Cost: $350 per Activity Bundle (includes three activities and DCM educators, up to 2 hours)

Four Options

Hands-On STEAM Learning


Amazing Animals

Explore the natural world and discover what makes animals so amazing through hands-on experiences and creative play.    

  • Scope It Out – Take a look through a microscope to see what makes up different plants and animals.
  • Spectacular Specimens – Get up close and personal with the animal world by touching and observing skulls, pelts, and preserved insects.
  • Up-cycled Animal Homes – Reuse everyday materials to create birdhouses, baths, feeders, or other spaces for nature’s critters.



Getting Loud

Conduct different experiments to determine what causes sound and how sound can travel to our ears. 

  • Straw Pan Flute Let’s start a band! Create a simple musical instrument and explore the properties of sound.
  • Unusual Instruments Experiment with unique instruments and play your favorite tune.
  • Dancing Laser Join our dance party and observe how music can create a laser light show.



Marvelous Magnets

Explore the properties of magnets through building, investigating, and observing magnets and magnetic forces.

  • Magnetic Models – Use washers to create a statue and investigate how they are sticking together!
  • Measuring A Magnet’s Might Do magnets have different strengths? Can we get our magnet car to move without touching it? Can you pick up a magnet fish with a fishing pole? Come and make observations about a magnet’s magnetic field!
  • Mysterious Matter Observation – What is this stuff? Investigate how different magnets have different effects on a mysterious magnetic substance.



Science of Structures

Engage in different engineering challenges to construct buildings, forts, and arches as they explore the science behind creating stable and balanced structures. 

  • Strong Structures – Build and design your own city. Work with others to engineer the tallest buildings you can!
  • Play Like Engineers – Let’s play! Exercise your engineering skills and design a play fort with your friends.
  • Pancake Arch Building – Discover the key to constructing your own arch.

Request A Reservation

COST: $350 per Activity Bundle
Includes three activities for up to 100 people, DCM educators, up to 2 hours.


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Jenny Flowers, Sr. Manager Student Learning & Community Engagement or
630.637.8000 x1340