Creativity Connections - DuPage Children's Museum

Transportation Zoo | Saturday, July 20, 9–1

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Opportunity for Creative Exploration!

Art-centered exhibits draw inspiration from the science and math principles of light, shadow, color, and positive and negative space.

Children and adults can play with the many ways in which shadow and light interact, allowing for creativity, experimentation, and gross motor play.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Albert Einstein
Neighborhood Favorite

Calder Fish

Calder Fish is a favorite exhibit for our younger visitors. It provides an opportunity to imitate art, explore materials, and explore aesthetics.

Neighborhood Favorite

Pyramid Bench

Cooperative block stacking allows children to collaborate with their important adults and other children to make patterns and structure. Here, visitors explore balance, stability, patterns, and symmetry while developing spatial awareness, 3-D building, and aesthetic sensibility.

Neighborhood Favorite

Shadow Sands

Interact with the sand on the screen and discover what it can do. Cause and effect and cooperative play are major components of this experience.

Challenge: Can you figure out how to turn the sand into water drops?

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