Art Is Instrumental REMIX - Interact with Art Gallery - DuPage Children's Museum

Transportation Zoo | Saturday, July 20, 9–1

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Art Is

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It Starts with the Art!

Back by popular demand!
Art is Instruments comes back reimagined – with MORE emphasis placed on experiencing artwork together.

Be immersed in an interactive exhibit where art and music collide. Be the band,
be the conductor, and be the artist!

The Interact with Art Gallery, located on the Museum’s upper level, is designed
for changing exhibitions that help children and adults explore art together. Real
artworks are paired with interactive exhibits created by DuPage Children’s Museum.

Children and their adult caregiver will have an opportunity to experience:

  • Artists’ interpretations of instruments and musicians
  • Artworks inspired by different styles of music
  • Creating sculpture, drawings, and musical compositions
  • View art, think about art, be a part of the process of creation
Experience Art Together

Gallery Guide

Talk about art with your child and help them develop critical thinking skills!

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View our Digital Gallery Guide here or
download a pdf.

Neighborhood Favorite

Be The Band

This stage experience is about exploring
the way instruments combine to make
music. Using the paintings as inspiration,
children can turn music on and off as they
interact with each instrument on a screen.

Two different backdrops are enhanced
with original compositions inspired by
the artwork. Children see themselves on
a screen interacting with instruments in
the artist’s scene. The more children,
the more the music comes together…

Neighborhood Favorite

Be The Conductor

Children create their own painting while acting as a conductor to an orchestra. A child steps to a podium. In front of the child is a projected image of an orchestra. As the child starts the interaction, the orchestra fades out and colorful lines follow as the child conducts the music. Overhead a sound dome plays music specially composed for this exhibit by Mind Exchange Music.

Neighborhood Favorite

PVC Pipe Organ

The PVC pipe organ is a colorful instrument played by hitting a foam musical note “knocker” on the open PVC pipe at the base of the sculpture. Each pipe is tuned in a scale that can be played to create melodies and rhythms. What will you compose?

There Are So Many Benefits of Exploring Art with Children

  • think creatively, with an open mind
  • observe and describe, analyze and interpret
  • express feelings, with or without words
  • collaborate with other children and with adults
  • practice skills in problem-solving, critical-thinking, dance, music, theater, art-making, and language and vocabulary of the arts
  • discover that there is more than one right answer, multiple points of view
  • build confidence –  there is not just one right way to make art; every child can feel pride in their original artistic creations
  • build community –  schools with a variety of differences can celebrate the arts as one community
  • observe the world carefully and discard preconceptions in order to envision something and then create it
  • go beyond just learning a skill to express a personal voice
  • persist in problem-solving despite frustration and setbacks
  • reflect on the results and ask what could improve them