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Bring in ‘da Noise!

March 4, 2015

In continuation of this month’s theme on all things sensory play, I thought we would take some time to explore hearing or auditory development. Babies typically have well-developed hearing at birth, but it takes time for them to understand and distinguish sounds as well as to learn how to respond accordingly. In a recent article Louise Parks discussed how hearing, communication, and language go hand-in-hand, stating that because “…language is a medium of thought, children’s ability to hear and speak is critical to the development of their thinking skills.

Most children develop a strong auditory system simply through engaging in everyday play activities and life experiences. Playing with different types of noise makers is a great way to support your baby’s development of auditory discrimination.

For an older child try this awesome auditory challenge – create your own set of shakers using empty pill bottles. In two bottles place dimes, in another put two pebbles and so on. Have your child shake them all to hear the sounds they make and challenge him or her to find the second shaker that makes the same sound.

Some other auditory activities to try –

  • Use your own body to make sounds (i.e. snapping, stomping, clapping, humming).
  • Play listening games and direction-following activities.
  • Sing songs that provide directions for movement and interaction (i.e. “Old MacDonald,” “Hokey Pokey,” “The Wheels on the Bus,” etc.).
  • Play with instruments, or better yet, create your own kitchen instrument band! Empty plastic juice jugs, wooden spoons, pots—the list of possibilities is endless! During your jam session talk to your child about the different types of sounds and how some are louder and some are softer; challenge your child to repeat a rhythm pattern you have created, but most importantly, have fun!!