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& Inclusion

Unique Learning Opportunities for All Children and Families Who Visit the Museum

At DuPage Children’s Museum (DCM), we believe that our strength lies in diversity among the broad range of people that we serve. DCM respects, values, and celebrates the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives that make each person who they are. We are committed to providing a safe, accepting environment with unique learning opportunities for all children and families who visit the Museum.


We make a special effort to accommodate our visitors with accessibility needs. DCM regularly collaborates with community agencies and special needs organizations to assist with accessibility and programming. DCM has an All Accessibility Advisory Committee consisting of parents of children with accessibility needs and community professionals.

Kids are going to get wet in AWEsome Water. It’s a good idea to come prepared with a change of clothes. Earplugs or headphones are recommended for anyone distracted by loud noises or with auditory sensory issues.

Know Before You Go
Know Before You Go

Resources for Your Visit

DCM staff and volunteers on the floor are in blue and red aprons. Please feel free to ask them for any assistance you may need during your visit.


These items are located at our Visitor Services Desk for use during your visit. You may check out the following with a valid picture ID:

  • Noise-reducing headphones with anti-bacterial wipes
  • DCM Accessibility Photo Book
  • Time Timers (2)
  • Time Tracker
  • DCM Sensory Social Story – advanced reading comprehension
  • DCM Social Story – early reading comprehension
  • DCM Therapeutic Play Guide
  • DCM Picture Communication Symbol Guide- On-line


Adaptive Equipment for use with programming or exhibits:

  • Slant board
  • Spring-hinged scissors
  • Adaptive rods for Glow Art exhibit
  • Children’s books in Braille
  • Adult-sized wheelchair
Know Before You Go


Food Services:
Bean Sprouts® is a hip and healthy café that offers a variety of choices for the entire family including those who have picky eaters, allergies, and other dietary challenges located on the lower level.


All Gender Restroom:
There is a large, family restroom on the First Floor. It is large enough to accommodate an adult-sized wheelchair.


Service Animals:
Visitors with trained service animals are welcome in the Museum.


Respite Room:
The Respite Room located on the first floor offers a sensory break for guests. Inside, there are matted walls, moveable seating, dimmed blue lights, and calming sensory exhibits.

Please contact Museum staff in a blue apron or check in at Visitors Services to access the room. There is also a smaller, private room located on the second level if needed.

The Respite Room is sponsored by: David and Dawn Kelsch

Modified Environment

Quieter Times in the Museum

Adaptive Play Time
Adaptive Play Time provides a modified environment for play and learning for children with disabilities, on the autism spectrum, and/or sensory processing disorders and their families.

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More Resources

DCM Picture Communication Symbols Guide


DCM Therapeutic Play Guide


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