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Finding Your Wings To Fly by Jackie Camacho-Ruiz

November 17, 2021

Finding Your Wings to Fly

By Jackie Camacho-Ruiz, CEO, author, entrepreneur, speaker, pilot

Purpose can determine everything. No matter what you do in life, it is critical that you do it with purpose. Purpose provides clarity and confidence. You might be asking yourself how you find purpose and why it is so imperative to success. I offer my personal journey with finding purpose and landing on my dreams in hopes that it will inspire you to help your children find their own sense of passion and purpose. 

The Search for Inspiration

I find inspiration in the smallest of things every day. I find inspiration in people, stories, connections, acts of kindness, breathing, happiness, exercise, admiring nature, listening to music, writing and reading, and learning. Whenever I am aligned with JOY, I make an effort to search for new opportunities to increase my sense of purpose!

Trying new things helps me increase my awareness of self-purpose. It is important to live in constant curiosity like a child. Explore new ways to look at things from a different perspective, interrupt patterns and behaviors to awaken presence. For example, eating with my eyes closed intensifies the flavors of the foods that I am eating. Taking a different path from what I am used to helps to activate my attention.

Another pathway that has helped me find and activate my passions has been discovery and learning through educational opportunities. Reading something new on a subject I am not familiar with allows me to expand my horizons. For example, when I learned how to fly planes in a 3D space, it helped me extend my wings. It gave me a new view of the world and possibility.

Turn Your Passion Into Purpose

There is no better way to show what you have in your heart than with your actions. Once you activate your purpose, the possibilities are endless. 

Becoming one of the few Latina sports airplane pilots in the United States, ultimately inspired me to create a global brand called Latinas in Aviation so that I can share the stories of the rarest group of people in the aviation industry. Through partnerships and dedication to my passion and purpose, Latinas in Aviation has been picked up by three museums in the United States, allowing us to showcase the stories of Latinas to a broader audience.  Our team now raises funds to offer a $5000 award for our #PILOTINA scholarship to encourage and support young women to find their wings. 

Talk with your children about their dreams and how they want to change the world through their passion and purpose. It will spark a creative conversation and inspire a journey you can enjoy together. 

Connect To Gratitude

It hasn’t always been easy to find motivation sources for my sense of purpose. I have discovered through trial and error that intensifying gratitude is what I always come back to during times of uncertainty. Doing something that I love helps me find clarity. When I focus on the good things, even if they are really tiny, I am able to start changing my attitude towards whatever might be causing me uncertainty.

Whenever you feel sad or frustrated and unhappy, stop; take a deep breath; and think of a “happy” moment. Sometimes I imagine that I am flying above the problem, which allows me to see what is happening around me, and I am able to identify the real emotions driving my feelings underneath. The sooner that you understand how you feel, take a deep breath and ask for help. Soon you will feel JOY again.

No matter what you do, it is important to remember that we all take off to find our purpose, we may just do so a little differently. Key elements of each journey should include: curiosity, exploration, awakening and activation. 

Always remember, “taking off is optional, landing on your dreams is mandatory!”

About Jackie

Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz is the CEO of JJR Marketing ( and Fig Factor Media LLC international book publishing company (, founder of The Fig Factor Foundation (, creator of Today’s Inspired Latina book series and international movement (, author of thirteen books (, international speaker, and pilot. Jacqueline speaks to hundreds of audiences about marketing, servant leadership, finding your passion, and achieving success in business.