A Taste of East Asia - DuPage Children's Museum

Mess Fest | Saturday, June 22 | 9–2

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A Taste of East Asia

At DCM June 15 – July 26, 2024


At DCM, children will be learning about a culture through play! The most basic way people connect with other cultures is through food.


Dish up some Bibimbap, roll yourself into sushi, steam some dumplings, climb into a giant noodle bowl, and more! In A Taste of East Asia, kids and families will enjoy playing in the thoughtfully-designed kitchen where they can prepare, cook, and serve pretend food to friends and family. They will enact various cooking methods like barbequing, steaming, and stir frying play ingredients using real utensils. While some may gravitate to the oversized noodles, shrimp, and veggies in the giant Ramen and Bibimbap bowl, others will be able to try their hands at making noodles, cooking dumplings, and grilling seafood.


With the exception of scent jars containing real spices which are the mainstays of East Asian cooking, all other food items in the exhibit are pretend representations of East Asian ingredients. As with all children’s museum play experiences, this exhibit will feature a combination of fine motor activities and bigger gross motor exploration – like climbing into the noodle bowl!