DCM Express - DuPage Children's Museum

Mess Fest | Saturday, June 22 | 9–2

Come Play!
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All aboard the DCM Express! DuPage Children’s Museum has created a mini pop-up experience featuring trains that will be stationed in the Museum for a limited time only. It’s no secret that kids love trains. But what may not be as visible are the vast learning opportunities that take place within train play.


DCM Express has left the station…

Fun & Learning

Train Play is Powerful

Children Can Practice:

  • Playing together
  • Sharing & taking turns
  • Empathy for one another
  • Solving problems
  • Being creative


What Can Adults Do?

  • Observe
  • Play with your child
  • Ask questions:
    What would happen if…?
    Where is your train going?
    What could you try differently?
A Window into Child Development

More About Train Play...

In DCM Express, you will most likely bear witness to all stages and types of play. Here’s what you might expect to see… Read Blog.