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July 30, 2017

The day has finally arrived! Our new AWEsome Water exhibit is open! Many years of planning and hard work have gone into the dreaming up and creation of this exhibit area. We know that water is naturally alluring and believe that our new exhibit components will stimulate the curiosity of all ages and that natural drive to answer those “what will happen if…” questions that set the stage for a lifetime of engaged learning.

One of the new additions you will experience in AWEsome Water is a Magnetic Water Wall. This exhibit looks similar to the magnetic wall in Make it Move, the main difference being water. As with all of the exhibits in the Museum, the ways in which children of different ages will engage with this exhibits will vary. For instance, a young toddler might splash in the water and begin to grasp an understanding of the fact that water is wet, while an older child might begin to grasp more complex principles of physics.

Regardless of the child’s age, there will be experimentation, problem-solving, and lots of scientific thinking! Some of the specific learning goals and objectives of this exhibit are:

Water can move objects.
Water can be moved in different directions.
Water looks different depending on how it moves.
Water makes sounds when it hits surfaces.

Another exciting new addition to our water area is the Water Wheel. The big learning goals and objectives behind this fascinating machine include:

Moving water has energy.
Moving water can do work.
Moving water can generate electricity.
Moving water can run toys as well as machines and other things.

We hope you will come and visit us soon, and be prepared, there is a good chance that you will get wet! I would love to hear about your experiences in our new AWEsome Water exhibit. Comment here or on any of our social media sites.