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A Closer Look at Art Is Instrumental

November 17, 2017

This past week we were thrilled to unveil our newest exhibit Art Is Instrumental! In creating this exhibit we continually talked about how “it starts with art” meaning that art is the inspiration and focus of this exhibit and music is the vehicle through which to experience the art in a very unique and maybe even unexpected way. We wanted children and their adult caregivers to have opportunities to experience how artists interpret instruments and musicians, how art can be inspired by different styles of music, and to have opportunities to create sculpture, drawings, and musical compositions as well as view art, think about art, and be a part of the process of creation.

Here is a peek at a few of the experiences you will find when visiting Art Is Instrumental. We hope you will come and check them all out!

Be the Conductor –
In this exhibit, children have the opportunity to create their own painting while acting as a conductor to an orchestra. A child steps to a music stand like podium. In front of the child is a projected image of an orchestra. As the child starts the interaction, the orchestra fades out and colorful lines follow as the child conducts the orchestra. Overhead a sound dome plays music specially composed by Mind Exchange Music.

PVC Pipe Organ –
An ode to Stuart Davis’ “Swing Landscape,” the PVC Pipe Organ is a colorful instrument played by hitting a foam music note “knocker” on the open PVC pipe at the base of the sculpture.

Instrument Zoo –
This is one of my favorite experiences as it is reminiscent of my childhood beating on pots and pans. The Instrument Zoo is made up of “handmade” percussion instruments in and of themselves pieces of art. Children will be able to pound out a rhythm while exploring how materials interact together.