Winter Break Is Upon Us

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Winter break is upon us! Here are 5 easy things you can do with your child at home that are guaranteed to keep them engaged, having fun, and using their brains in open-ended ways.

Experiment with the physics of projectiles by creating a catapult
For detailed instructions click here. Then visit our Divinci Exhibit to experiment with our catapults.

Marbleized bubble print paper
Get your little ones involved in writing thank you notes by creating personalized paper. For three different ways to paint with bubbles click here.

Mini baking soda eruptions
Feeling brave and ready to embrace a little mess?  Give this science experiment a try! By making it “mini” and using eye droppers your child will also be exercising their fine motor muscles which can lead to making them concentrate harder. click here.

Bridge building challenge
I love what this class of budding engineers did with bridge building.  Check out the blog with your child and see what inspires you both. click here.

Greeting card collages
As a teacher, one of my favorite things to do this time of the year was bring old holiday cards in for the kids to do what they pleased with. They would cut them into different shapes and make mosaics, cut out specific images to make collages, the possibilities are endless!

Last but not least – come visit us at DCM! We would love to see you here exercising your STEM skills!


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