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Think. Explore. Create. Math Masterpieces.

May 26, 2016

By: Alix Tonsgard | Early Learning Specialist
Justice Janowski | Art Specialist

Last Friday night DCM was buzzing with anticipation for the opening of the newest installation in the Good Show! Gallery, “Think. Explore. Create. Math Masterpieces.” The exhibit captures the experience of the children from Addison KinderCare engaging in the three stages of the art process. In the gallery you can read quotes from the young artists, see pictures of them working on their depictions, and view their created artwork. The exhibit highlights the importance of process art in early art education and celebrates the discoveries that were made during this activity. What may look like paint splatter and construction paper is actually a rich learning experience vital to the socio-emotional, cognitive, and physical development of our children.

Children were shown the famous works of Jackson Pollock, Seurat, and Ringgold and asked open-ended questions such as, “What do you see?” In the gallery you can see the three famous works and read what our young artists thought about the technique and inspiration behind the work. After the discussion, the children were given their materials to explore and were able to create their own artwork. Artists used tempera paint, construction paper, q-tips, cardboard boxes, scissors, and glue and created all types of masterpieces!

Art plays an important role in early childhood development. Through this process the young artists were able to think critically about how they would create their artwork with the given materials. Art supports sensory development, helps children with decision-making and provides the opportunity to represent and symbolize experiences.

The art that is hung in the Good Show! Gallery is beautiful and brightens the space, however, the true beauty was in the brightness of the “light bulb moments” as the artist made invaluable discoveries through the process. We encourage you to bring your little ones to experience this exhibit as well as to create your own masterpieces in our Studio. Hope to see you soon!