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Meet Laura of Laura Lynne Art

February 25, 2021

Meet Laura
of Laura Lynne Art

Collaborative Art Project Creating a Large-Scale Illinois Nature-Inspired Scene

By Laura Lynne, DCM Artist-In-Residence

Hello! My name is Laura Lynne and I am a mixed media artist and mural painter living in Aurora, IL. I’m best known for creating boldly colored and whimsically designed art in a narrative children’s illustration style. Growing up in Wisconsin, I spent a lot of time outdoors. It created a deep love of nature which is a common theme in my artwork. I’m excited to be sharing my art techniques and love of nature with all of you!

We’ll be creating part of a story about the little forest animals that live in the parks by the DuPage River. The sky is filled with clouds and stars, the large oak tree holds birds and squirrels on its branches, and a little fox sits below the tree. Dragonflies and butterflies are flying in the sky. Even the littlest of insects will be included when we work on creating colorful beetles. We’ll think about the nature around us and animals that we may have seen by our homes or in local parks. Talking about local animals, native plant gardens, or parks will help create a deeper connection to the artwork we are creating. 

These are some examples of other nature scenes I’ve created so you get to know a little bit more about my style, though the work we create together is going to look nothing like this, I hope. It will be unique and be influenced by so many of you and based on the art that you create and share in the program. The finished collage will be inspired be all of your different styles too! It’s going to be a lot of fun so I hope you can join along!

This is a rough line drawing of the concept. Research, then little “thumbnail” drawings are the first step in planning a larger work of art.

I am excited to collaborate with you and your kids as we play with mixed media materials and share stories about the nature around us!! 

More about Laura:

Laura Lynne is best known for creating boldly colored and whimsically designed mixed media art and murals.  She is inspired by the immersion in nature she had growing up in Wisconsin, fairy tales, and song lyrics. Her art training shows a sharp eye for color theory and elaborate compositions.  Laura Lynne uses materials like acid-free and lignan-free metallic papers, Golden brand acrylic painted papers, and her own photography archivally printed for her mixed media art. For her murals, she uses high quality acrylics with lighfastness so the colors stay vibrant.  It is very important to her that art be accessible and affordable to all people so she also creates archival giclee reproductions of her originals. Find out more at