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Investing in the Future

The Legacy Circle recognizes those individuals who have committed themselves to continuing the work of DuPage Children’s Museum by investing in its future through their estate plans.

At the surface, DuPage Children’s Museum (DCM) is a colorful, interactive and fun place to play, while also offering off site programs for school children and training for teachers and caregivers. But the core mission at work is far more serious. Helping children grow and develop into healthy, successful, and contributing members of our society is at the core of DCM’s mission and values.

A Legacy Circle investment through your estate plan, will, charitable annuity, or trust will help ensure that DuPage Children’s Museum continues to impact the lives of all children for generations to come. Invest in our future – our children – through the Legacy Circle at DuPage Children’s Museum.

“What is socially fair is also economically efficient. If you were to ask where should I put my money, in the stock market or in a young child, I would advocate for the young child.”

James Heckman, PhD, Nobel Prize Winning Economist

For More Information Contact:

Renee Miklosik at 630.637.8000 x2400 or