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Fall into Autumn Fun

October 27, 2016

Fall is upon us and here in the Midwest that means that temperatures fluctuate and the weather is inconsistent. What a great time to savor the colors of fall! Orange, green, yellow, red, and brown all stand out as colors we see more vividly at this time of year. Young children absorb so much through their senses! Make the colors they see, the changes in temperature they feel, and the smells of fall come to life with these engaging activities.

Leaf Rubbing
Collect some leaves during a fall walk. Talk about why the leaves fall from the trees, how they fall, and what colors you see. When you get home, tear off the wrapper of an orange crayon, grab a piece of paper, place one of your leaves under the paper, and rub using the long edge of the crayon–What do you see? What kind of leaf is this? What is the name of the tree this leaf fell from?

Extend the activity by looking up the leaf and searching online. You may also go to the library to look up all things fall!


Painting with the Colors of Fall
During your fall walk you might pick up all kinds of souvenirs! Add sticks, twigs, pine cones, and acorns to your leaf collection. When you return home, place fall color paints in separate, shallow containers. Get a dish or pan with a two-inch rim and place a piece of paper inside. Use your imagination and paint with your souvenirs! With your souvenirs, there is no need for paint brushes. Dip items in the paint–roll the pine cones around, tip the pan from side to side with the acorns inside, use the twigs to paint with brush strokes. Make some beautiful works of art with the colors of fall!

Join us here at DCM for Fall Fest – Friday, October 28 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Activities will include creating leaf suncatchers, leaf color mixing spin art, gourd rollings in our Make it Move exhibit space, raking leaves in the wind tunnel and so much more.