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A Special Place for Our Youngest Visitors to Exercise Their Minds and Bodies

A child’s brain develops very rapidly in the first few years of life. DCM has set aside special places for young explorers (children under age two) to cozy up to an adult and exercise their minds and bodies. Explore three Young Explorers areas in different areas of the Museum: Creativity Connections Young Explorers, Build It Young Explorers, and Math Connections Young Explorers.

Young Explorers

Creativity Connections

The Creativity Connections Young Explorers experience engages children and their families with sound, texture, color, and light. The aesthetic is artful and inspired by nature. A single entrance into this space helps parents and caregivers keep track of their children. A curved bench faces the interior of the space and creates an intimate space: a place for interactions between adults and children to engage with one another.

Young Explorers

Build It

This area encourages children to experiment with their effect on the world while exploring the properties of gravity, motion, and construction as in the surrounding exhibits. Here infants and toddlers will practice various cognitive, physical, and conceptual skills.

Young Explorers

Math Connections

In Math Connections Young Explorers, infants and toddlers play with patterns and sorting and spatial awareness. They can play on the Peek a Boo bridge or see multiples of themselves in cornering reflections. A great place for tummy time and play with other toddlers, this is the quietest of the Young Explorer spaces.