Framed: Step Into Art - DuPage Children's Museum

Wild Wonders  | Saturday, April 27

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Step inside the framework of famous paintings and experience art like never before in Framed: Step into Art. This immersive exhibit encourages children to ask questions and find answers through the exploration of art, and gain an understanding that everyone can have fun with art and appreciate it.

The exhibit environments are accompanied by information on each artist and provide conversational prompts that employ visual thinking strategies. By spending time with the paintings and talking about them, children and adults learn to appreciate their own, as well as others’ opinions of individual art by:

  • Using spoken words to communicate meaning
  • Understanding what is communicated by others
  • Engage in discussions with peers
  • Build and use increasingly more sophisticated vocabulary
  • Drawing conclusions about discovery


Explore Art From the Inside Out!

‘Dinner for Threshers’

Enjoy A Robust Meal

Enter Grant Wood’s Dinner for Threshers and learn about rural life at the turn of the century. Visitors can tend to a chicken and eggs, prepare a meal in the kitchen, set the dining table, enjoy a noontime dinner, and mix and match the farmers’ patterned shirts. Observe the painting’s details, such as patterns, the farmers’ tan lines and the hour of the meal.

‘Camp at Lake O’Hara’

Explore Camping Gear

Guests travel to the Canadian Rockies in 1916 at John Singer Sargent’s Camp at Lake O’Hara. Children can climb inside a tent and explore camping gear like Sargent would have used. After cooking a pretend meal over the campfire, kids can tell stories around the fire and arrange items in a magnetic frame to show what a painting of today’s campsite may look like.

‘The Corn Festival’

Add to the Flower Tower

Travel south of the border through this piece from the Court of Fiestas in the Ministry of Education Building in Mexico City. Guests can explore a rendition of one of Diego Rivera’s frescos, add flowers and ribbons of “corn husks” to the flower tower for a celebration and include their flourish in a mural on a miniature building.

‘Mona Lisa’

Be Your Own Mona Lisa

Guests can explore a small collection of Mona Lisa prints featuring the original by Leonardo da Vinci and famous parodies, then step behind a cutout version and replace Mona Lisa’s face with their own.

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Framed: Step into Art™ was created by Minnesota Children’s Museum.