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Professional Development

Expand Your Skills and Earn Educational Credits

DuPage Children’s Museum offers hands-on, inquiry-based Professional Development sessions for learning professionals and parents. All sessions are aligned with the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards.

Professional Developments can take place at the Museum or at a location of your choice.


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Elementary Professional Development

Forces, Motion, and Work | 3 Hours

Next Generation Science Standards in action! This hands-on course starts with an interactive presentation and discussion of forces, then leads into motion, Newton’s Laws, and what work
actually means as a scientific concept. Gravity and electricity are only a couple of the forces that
will be discussed as we move on to hands-on activities centered around experimenting with these
and other forces, what these forces can do, and interactions between forces. This course will address many of the Next Generation Science Standards for Forces & Interactions, and Energy.


Cost: $500 per session for up to 20 people. $30 per person for additional participants.

Preschool Professional Development

Playful Learning: Focus on Play | 2 Hours

Play is important—for all of us! Supporting and engaging children and parents in playful
experiences can have a profound impact on development and learning. Join us for a workshop
that will highlight play, development, and the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards. Learn how to unleash the power of play in your classrooms through hands-on activities as well as how to assess and document the important growth and development that occurs during play-based learning.


Playful Learning: Focus on Art | 2 Hours

Introducing young children to art is an important step in nurturing their creativity. Using
open-ended activities and incorporating the IELDS, it’s all about process vs. product as we
present ideas about how to go beyond crafts and integrate fine art into the lives of young learners.


Playful Learning: Focus on STREAM | 2 Hours

Reading and art invade STEM in this interactive and engaging workshop. Discover how an integrated approach to learning can enhance your preschool or childcare environment. We will walk you through two story-based units filled with hands-on activities sure to inspire you and your students to explore.

Playful Learning: Focus on Mathematics | 2 Hours

Math is all around us! Our homes, communities, and play areas are rich with opportunities to
engage children in math talk, math play, and math learning. Using activities that incorporate the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards, this workshop provides information and hands-on activities that will reinforce the importance of patterning, classifying, number sense, and counting for preschoolers and encourage an appreciation of the preschooler as a natural mathematician.


Playful Learning: Focus on Science | 2 Hours

Children are natural scientists. They are curious and eager to explore the world around them!
Join us for a workshop that will share insights on how to encourage scientific curiosity, exploration,
and learning. Find out just how easy it can be to incorporate science into your daily activities.


Cost: $500 per session for up to 20 people. $30 per person for additional participants.



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