Corporate Recess - DuPage Children's Museum

Why Recess?

PLAY, IMAGINE, THINK, MOVE, and SOCIALIZE to energize critical thinking and problem solving to improve workplace communication skills.

Corporate Recess at DuPage Children’s Museum provides organizations with the space, materials, and expertise to inspire more effective communication.

Hands-on workshops led by Museum Professionals will help teams communicate through:

Negotiation | Cooperation | Collaboration | Creative Experimentation | Innovative Risk Taking
Improve Communication

Hands-on workshops


  • Playful group activities to encourage interactive participation, skill development, and personal growth
  • Time to reflect and refresh during a social hour including refreshments and beer/wine



  • The Perfect Package: Plan it. Wrap it. Ship it. But don’t chip it!
  • Block Bogglers: Count on creative experimentation in this rapid-fire, quick-draw game that challenges you to think outside the blocks.
  • Ramp It UP: Negotiate this challenge as a team to get the ball rolling from point A to point B.
  • Sneak A Peak: Will your team’s communication skills peak under pressure? It’s a race against the clock to recreate a secret sequence of Squigs.
  • Float Your Boat Relay: Will it sink or float? This timed trial tests your team’s tactical tenacity in turbulent waters.



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Learn through play

Why explore corporate team-building at DuPage Children's Museum?

Our interactive Museum provides the most unique environment for team building – because we take PLAY and all of its benefits very seriously, with exhibits and experiences designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and communication.


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