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A Glimpse into DCM Reimagined

September 10, 2015

By: Kimberly Stull | DCM Director of Exhibits and Operations

Many inquiring minds want to know, “What can I expect when the Museum reopens?” Here is a glimpse into DCM re-imagined.

The Museum will have a look of whimsical sophistication: a beautiful space that has been designed with children in mind. Visitors will know they are walking into DCM, but they will be greeted with a fresh color palette, new flooring, and new paint. The exhibits, built upon a 25-year foundation in early learning, have been updated. While some have been deep cleaned, repaired, painted and refreshed, others have been completely rebuilt.

Children and parents alike will still play with Glow Art and experience Shadow Play. Our Art Studio will now be accessible through the front of the Museum and be open for more hours in the day. The Round Room, a space that was never accessible to visitors, will host an amazing new interactive light exhibition designed by local Chicago artists, Luftwerk.

The Make It Move area will feel more spacious with ample room for Ramps and Rollers. The Tinker Toys have been discontinued for years and we have made do with what we had on hand. These will be replaced with new big building activities that will appeal to our youngest visitors with the opportunity for deeper engagement by the older end of our age group.

In preparation for our new AWEsome Energy exhibit, and without adding to our construction time, we have done some major infrastructure work in Waterways, necessitating the removal of the water tables now. We will reopen with temporary water tables until the new table is installed next spring. These new tables will be a surprise to our youngest visitors, but it means we will not have to close again for a long period of time to do this noisy, messy work while we are open to visitors.

The integration of art, math and science has always been a pivotal part of DCM’s mission and this has been expressed in many ways throughout the Museum. We have incorporated many original artworks created by local artists to inspire new ways of creating and exploring ideas in a place of beauty.

We can’t wait to reopen and miss the sounds of joy that reverberate through the Museum. We have a tremendous team of people who are working daily to get the Museum open as quickly as possible, so your families may again enjoy the incredible learning environment.