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Parent PlayShop

Learn. Connect. Grow.


If intelligence is defined as the ability to learn, two- and three-year-olds may be the most intelligent humans in the world. While this is an amazing time in a child’s life, it can also come with challenges.

Parent PlayShop is a unique opportunity to come together as caregivers to learn about the developmental science behind your child’s behaviors, learn strategies for supporting growth, and also connect with others navigating the same stage of development.

Parent PlayShop is led by Alix Tonsgard, Early Learning Specialist at DuPage Children’s Museum. Alix holds an MS in Child Development from the Erikson Institute. Acting as the Museum’s advocate for early childhood development and learning, she ensures that the latest research in Early Childhood Education is represented in all Museum programs.


This program is for caregivers with children ages 2 – 3 years old. 

Social Emotional Development

Feelings, Feelings, and More Feelings

Tolerating frustration, coping with strong emotions, controlling impulses, following limits and expectations, and the ability to balance others needs with your wants, are key components of social emotional development. They are highly ranked in important characteristics for school readiness. These are also some of the most challenging characteristics to support a child in developing and closely tied to brain development. These sessions will focus on strategies to support a caregiver in maneuvering through this exhausting time in a way that is setting both caregiver and child up for success. 


Dates/Time: Coming Soon

Cost: $60 Members  |  $80 Non-members

Topic: Social Emotional Development

  • Session 1: Emotion Regulation
  • Session 2: Emotion Expression
  • Session 3: Emotion Understanding/Empathy



Language and Literacy

Tell Me About It

We use language to think, solve problems, express our ideas, and connect with others. Strong language skills are essential for success in school and life. Language comprehension or receptive language, is the foundation of everything. A child’s experiences with the world allow them to make sense of the words that they hear. This understanding is not only important for language learning but also for learning to read and write as well. These sessions will provide caregivers with a crash course in how language develops with strategies to support little ones in becoming master communicators. 


Dates/Time: Coming Soon

Cost: $60 Members  |  $80 Non-members

Topic: Language and Literacy

  • Session 1: Listening and Understanding
  • Session 2: Expressing and Communicating
  • Session 3: Storytelling and Print Awareness



Cognitive Development

To Infinity and Beyond

Cognitive development is the meat and potatoes of a child’s intellectual development. Reading, math learning, language acquisition, information processing, memory, classification, and problem solving – these all fall under the cognitive umbrella. Positive approaches to learning such as being curious, engaged, and persistent are the foundation not only for later academic success but success throughout life. The interactions a child has with their environment and with others plays a significant role in supporting and enhancing cognitive development. Join us in this course as we “nerd out” a little over how amazing and brilliant your developing child’s brain is and learn strategies to help them reach their full potential and beyond.


Dates/Time: Coming Soon

Cost: $60 Members  |  $80 Non-members

Course: Cognitive Development

  • Session 1: Attend, Engage, Persist
  • Session 2: Problem Solving
  • Session 3: Symbolic Thinking



Coming Soon

Registration for this program is coming soon. Please check back.