Dream with Da Vinci Exhibit comes to DuPage Children

Dream with Da Vinci
November 19, 2016 – April 2, 2017

The Renaissance was a time of growth, learning, and was the prelude to modern science. Among one of the most important people of that time was “the father of modern science,” Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci was a lot of things…artist, mathematician, inventor and dreamer. He dreamed of and designed many things…and many of them way ahead of their time.

Dream with Da Vinci is a 2,000 sq. ft. traveling exhibit that puts hands-on discovery at the center of the visitor experience, while themes of science, technology, engineering, art, and math – all linked by da Vinci’s work and life – provide an overall framework.

  • Learn the basics about da Vinci and the Renaissance era; children add their own ideas and voices to the exhibit.
  • Explore elements of flight and connect today’s technology to da Vinci’s innovations.
  • Explore several machines and structures, from bridges to clock gears, and try on the role of engineer.
  • Express yourself with different artistic mediums, from clay to crayons, and dress up in Renaissance clothing.

This informative and visually stunning exhibit was developed and designed by Curious Kids’ Museum in St. Joseph, Michigan. DuPage Children’s Museum has the privilege of being the first museum this traveling exhibit will visit.

A few exhibit highlights:


A model of Da Vinci

Leonardo’s Horse
In 1489 Leonardo was asked to create the largest horse statue in all of Italy. Leonardo built a full clay model first. He was preparing to cast his statue in bronze when the French army invaded Italy. Unfortunately, the forty tons of bronze set aside for the horse was used to make cannons instead. Leonardo never finished his sculpture. We have a toddler-sized replica in this exhibit!

Parachute Drop
Leonardo dreamed of a linen tent that would drop a person safely from a great height. He didn’t call it a parachute. But he did sketch a notebook design around 1485. An open parachute creates air resistance, a terminal velocity, or falling speed. A safe parachute lowers terminal velocity to a speed of only five or six miles per hour – slow enough to land standing! Test or make a parachute! Can you float your flyer safely up and down the tube?


Kids play with Parachutes in the Dream with Da Vinci exhibit at DuPage Children


Kids play with Perspectograph in the Dream with Da Vinci exhibit at DuPage Children

Renaissance artists like Leonardo wanted to paint real people, not just figures from their imaginations. The art of portraiture grew popular during this time period. He even invented a tool called the perspectograph. Before the Renaissance, the people and objects in paintings looked flat. Artists like Leonardo changed all that. Try it yourself!

Visit Dream with Da Vinci to experience
many more of Leonardo’s designs and and small machines!


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Michael Wynne Dream with Da Vinci at DuPage Children