Honoring Our Past
DuPage Children’s Museum (DCM) was founded in 1987 by Louise Beem and Dorothy Carpenter, two early childhood educators from Hinsdale. Beem had helped establish the early childhood development department at the College of DuPage. Carpenter taught preschool and was acquainted with Beem from their involvement in the local chapter of the Association for Education of Young Children (AEYC).

Together they shared a strong belief in the need for open-ended, interactive learning experiences for young children with an emphasis on the involvement of important adults in the children’s lives.

Before a series of temporary locations, the earliest Museum was a station wagon that traveled with exhibits to park districts, scout troops, preschools and other organizations. In 1988 DCM served 2,664 visitors. Every year the Museum was growing and by 1994, attendance had surged to 115,000 visitors. In 2001, DCM opened the permanent Naperville location.

Securing Our Future
From humble beginnings, DuPage Children’s Museum has grown to serve over 300,000 visitors annually representing all 50 states. DCM’s reach and support represents well beyond the Chicagoland area. The Museums impact extends across cultural, financial, and educational boundaries. It touches the lives of children from all regions providing the building blocks for success in school and life.

The Louise Beem and Dorothy Carpenter Fund for Early Childhood acknowledges and celebrates the contributions of DCM’s founders. The purpose of this fund is to source the salary and benefits related to the position of an early learning specialist and associated programs.

DCM will maintain The Louise Beem and Dorothy Carpenter Fund for Early Childhood as a permanent and perpetual fund on the books of the Museum.The principal of the fund shall be kept invested, with only the earnings applied in the support of the aforementioned purpose.

Your gift to this fund plays a critical role in both celebrating our past and shaping the future of DuPage Children’s Museum; impacting children and the important adults in their lives for years to come.

Contact the Development Department at 630.637.8000