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Museum Pop-Ups K-5

Add a “POP” of STEAM to a Family Night or a Community Event – Partner with DCM for a Museum Pop-Up experience! 


DCM’s Museum Pop-Up for school-aged children and families is the perfect way to bring hands-on STEAM learning to your school, library, or community center. And it’s so easy!


Each Pop-Up Bundle includes three learning experiences designed for grade K-5 students and families to learn and play together. A DCM Educator will attend to support the setup and facilitation of the activities. DCM will provide all the materials for up to 200 people. 


Cost: $350 per Activity Bundle (includes three activities and one DCM educator, up to 3 hours)

Five Options

Hands-On STEAM Learning


Amazing Animals

Explore the natural world and discover what makes animals so amazing through hands-on experiences and creative play.    

  • Create a Creature – Animals can do what?! Discover unique animal traits and create your own animal with different art materials. 
  • Spectacular Specimens – Get up close and personal with the animal world by touching and observing skulls, pelts, and preserved insects.
  • Upcycled Animal Homes – Reuse everyday materials to create birdhouses, baths, feeders, or other spaces for nature’s critters.



Flying Machines

Investigate the forces of flight and make connections between flying creatures and human-designed flying machines. 

  • Flight Test – Create different paper airplane designs and use a mechanical plane launcher to test the limits of flight.
  • Planes, Kites, and Boomerangs – Imagine a new flying contraption and then build it with everyday materials.
  • Feathers & Metal Wings – How is a hummingbird like a jet? Play a game to determine which flying animal inspired what flying invention.



Getting Loud

Conduct different experiments to determine what causes sound and how sound can travel to our ears. 

  • Craft Stick Kazoo Let’s start a band! Create a simple musical instrument and explore the properties of sound.
  • Traveling SoundCreate a device with everyday materials that can get sound to travel from one place to another.
  • Dancing Laser Join our dance party and observe how music can create a laser light show.



Marvelous Magnets

Explore the properties of magnets through building, investigating, and observing magnets and magnetic forces.

  • Magnet Marble Maze – Use magnet tiles to create a marble maze! How tall, long, or fast can you make the track? 
  • Magnet Fishing Go fish! Aim for the fish in the pond using a magnet fishing pole, but choose your pole wisely, they all have different magnets attached!
  • Mysterious Substance Observation What is this stuff? Investigate how different magnets have different effects on a mysterious magnetic substance.



Science of Structures

Engage in different engineering challenges to construct bridges, forts, and arches as they explore the science behind creating stable and balanced structures. 

  • Strong Structures – Engage in engineering challenges to create freestanding bridges inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and the Ancient Romans.
  • Play Like Engineers – Let’s play! Exercise your engineering skills and design a play fort with your friends.
  • Key(stone) to Arch Building – Discover the key to constructing your own arch.

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COST: $350 per Activity Bundle
Includes three activities for up to 200 people, one DCM educator, up to 3 hours.


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Jenny Flowers, Sr. Manager Student Learning & Community Engagement or
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