Family Fun Events

Bug Bonanza

Saturday, March 31 | 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
We’re buggin’ out for DCM’s Bug Bonanza! Enjoy a special appearance from creepy crawlies provided by Men in Black Pest Control Services. Flutter, crawl, creep, or fly on over to catch all the fun

  • See what they see with a bug’s eye view in the Wonder Room
  • Take a peek at details under a microscope
  • Create your own bug accessories from wearable wings to awesome antennas and more with our bug-themed Mini Makers station
  • Search and find bug discovery in The Studio, as well as other insect-inspired art activities
  • Visit the bug zoo provided by Men in Black Pest Control Services
  • And More!

Men in Black Pest Control

Upcoming Events
Renaissance Faire

Saturday, April 28
Join DCM, and friends from the Bristol Renaissance Faire, for a rollicking romp back in time! Complete with magic and merriment, experience and explore some great STEAM moments in history from Galileo’s astronomy to Michelangelo’s painting and Da Vinci’s inventions.
Bristol Renaissance Faire

Trains Day

Saturday, May 12

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