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Learning Lab
Field Trips

Hop On a Bus and Come to Us! Double the Fun...

Make it a Field Trip Learning Lab Combo.


The best of both worlds! Students will typically spend half the time attending the Learning Lab of your choice at the Museum and the other half exploring the Museum’s unique exhibits to enhance their educational experience.


These age-appropriate labs were developed to help students learn integrated science, math, and art concepts through open-ended exploration. The labs support curriculum and address Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards, and Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards. Learning Labs serve over 25,000 students a year in over 40 school districts. Let your classroom be next or add a Learning Lab to your Museum Field Trip.


The length of trip is dependent on the chosen Learning Lab.


The Museum is a space where everyone can play and learn.

With the guidance of our Accessibility & Inclusion Specialist, DuPage Children’s Museum can adapt Learning Labs to your students’ specific needs.

Learning Lab Field Trip Pricing
  • $13 per student
  • $8 per adult

Requires a 6:1 child/adult ratio.
Prices listed do not include transportation of students to/from the Museum.

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